• 2020

    • Daegu International Machinery Fair. (EXCO) Exhibit

      KIMEX2020 『2020 Korea International Machinery Fair』 CECO Exhibition

      Selected as technology mantoring business for a customized business for enhancing competitiveness
      (Korea Institute of Energy Research)

      EMD-Slider type*600x1300(II) 500x1100(II) Magnetic parts Deburring Supplied to customer

  • 2019

    • EMD-Conveyor type Auto Deburring & Polishing development

  • 2018

    • Participated in 2018 VIMAF Vietnam International Ho Chi Minh Exhibition

      AFM-Abrasive flow Deburring & Polishing machine customer supply

  • 2017

    • Participated in 2017 VIMAF Vietnam International Ho Chi Minh Exhibition

      EMD-Slider type*600x1300(II) Deburring & Polishing customer supply.

  • 2016

    • Supplied to Mando's cooperative company, a cross hole burr remover for automobile foot shaft using magnetic field

      EMD-Slider type*500x1100(II) Deburring & Polishing customer supply

      Developed and delivered EMD-850L continuous automatic system for removing cross-hole burrs in automobile solenoid holders

  • 2015

    • Development of cross hole burr removal system for auto in- foot shafts using magnetic field

  • 2014

    • Japan Machine Element Technology Exhibition M-tech (Tokyo)

      Helical screw type high efficiency dust charging device patent registration

  • 2013

    • Patent registration of dust removal device

      Trademark registration-BURRSTAR trademark patent registration

  • 2012

    • ECD-automatic electrolytic deburring machine development

      TED-thermal energy deburring machine patent registration

      Patent registration of polishing device using rotation and swing

      DHF-Drive Head Polishing, Deburring Finishing System Development

  • 2011

    • Trademark registration-BURRSTAR trademark application

      Automatic Robot Deburring & Buffing Machine Patent Registration

  • 2010

    • Hydrocarbon ultrasonic vacuum cleaning & drying system development

      Automatic Robot EMD-Deburring & Buffing Machine Development

  • 2009

    • Selected as INNO-BIZ (Technology Innovative Small and Medium Business)

  • 2008

    • ISO 1400:2004 environmental management system acquisition

      Acquired ISO 9001:2000 quality management system

  • 2007

    • Patent certificate of injection device that evenly swings the injection nozzle

  • 2006

    • EMD-electromagnetic polishing machine cooling system deburring development

  • 2005

    • Japan OPC Corporation EMD-electromagnetic polishing machine EMD-500M.EMD-600M. model OEM export contract

  • 2004

    • Russia Vostok-Amfiby Ltd., EMD-electromagnetic polishing machine EMD-500M, EMD-650M export contract

      Incorporation: (CEO/LEEM SOOK JAE) Workplace: 152 Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon City Korea Institute of Energy Research, #306-Central Research Building