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Job Eligibility criteria Personnel Form of employment
Research and Development New / career (three years or more)
than college graduates machinery related subjects
00 Regular
Technical sales positions New / career (three years or more)
Overseas sales positions New / career (three years or more)
Essential English (Japanese, Chinese, Able preferential)
Fiscal Affairs positions New / career (three years or more)
Materials Directorate New / career (three years or more)
Production New / career (three years or more)
Welding, cutting, machining technology, plus.

※ New business Profit Sharing (P/S) system (Hệ thống chia sẻ lợi nhuận kinh doanh (P / S) mới) ※

1. Purpose : To promote new business by providing core technology to the success of new business or sharing profits
with outsiders and employees who have played a role.

2. Applicable target : Those who have made annual sales of 20 to 100 billion won or more and are determined by
the evaluation committee as compensation targets among the following items.

  1.  A person who contributed to the sales of the company’s new business through a patent (or acquisition of
    own patent through idea provision) as an outsider
  2. Those who have secured their own patent rights by discovering 『core technologies』, and those who have
    contributed to the development of products applying patented technologies
  3. Those who have contributed to product sales through the “core role” of developing new business and new markets

3. Compensation amount : (based on the operating profit of the business) (Please fill out the sample site form above)
Category Job-related persons Job-related persons Outsiders Remarks
Maximum compensation ratio 5% 10% 10% or more* *The final ratio is decided by the evaluation committee

2. Compensation period : 3 to 5 years*, cumulative compensation limit: 20 to 100 billion won
* Determined by the evaluation committee considering the availability of platform technology and the possibility of
continuous profit generation

※ Inquiry ※

Employment Inquiries E-mail: equpia@naver.com Or Customer Service,
Please contact the Customer Service and Q&A can answer